Top 50 Names in FBS (2013)

Summer is the longest season of the year for a college sports fan and this one has been no different.  Every college sports writer is hanging on every piece of new information that comes out, most of which wouldn’t get a sentence during the season, but let’s be honest, not much happens this time of the year.  Like other writers, I try hard to make up things to talk and blog about during the summer, so I decided to make another list.  VH1 has proven that a good countdown can fulfill a few moments of entertain, so here is my second attempt at a college sports countdown.

For the past through days, I have dug through all 120+ FBS team rosters looking for those names that stick out among all the others.  I came up with a list of over 150 names, at least one from each team.  Then I narrowed those down to around 50 according to familiarity (famous names), word structure (names that are complete ideas) and just plain odd names.  Feel free to comment any other names that I might have missed or you feel should make the list.  Enjoy!

1. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix – Alabama

2. Fudge Van Hooser – Tulane

3. Pig Howard – Tennessee

4. Dwellie Striggles – Buffalo

5. Silverberry Mouhon – Cincinnati

6. Woodley Cadet – UCF

7. Aziz Shittu – Stanford

8. Mister Cobble – Kentucky

9. Win Homer – Boston College

10. Man Berg – Illinois

11. Spiffy Evans – Boston College

12 Necho Beard – Nevada

13. Paris Head – Vanderbilt

14. De’Runnya Wilson – Mississippi State

15. BooBoo Gates – Bowling Green

16. Sir Thomas Jackson – Arizona

17. Sean Parker – Washington

18. Adam West – Washington State

19. Chris Martin – UCF/Vanderbilt

20. Myles Davis – Florida State

21. Will Smith – Georgia Tech

22. Courtney Love – Nebraska

23. Chris Rock – Ohio State

24. John Goodman – Notre Dame

25. Jazz King – Marshall

26. Stone Monarch – Toledo

27. Chief Brown – Ole Miss

28. King Frazier – Nebraska

29. King Davis – New Mexico State

30. Pharaoh Brown – Oregon

31. Sirgregory Thornton – Arkansas State

32. Sir Calvin Wallace – North Texas

33. Prince Charles Iworah – Western Kentucky

34. Prince-Tyson Gulley – Syracuse

35. Prince Shembo – Notre Dame

36. Prince Jeffery Hallion – UNLV

37. Jack Snowball – Miami (OH)

38. Storm Woods – Oregon State

39. Storm Johnson – UCF

40. Ego Ferguson – LSU

41. Roman Runner – Idaho

42. Roman Fields – Kansas State

43. Jazzmar Clax – UCONN

44. DeJazz Woods – Illinois

45. Fritz Rock – Illinois

46. Psalm Wooching – Washington

47. Cassanova McKinzy – Auburn

48. Jack Russell – Wisconsin

49. Jose Jose – UCF

50. Steven Stevens – Arkansas State

51. Chaz Cheeks – Georgia Tech

52. Gray Crow – Miami (FL)

53. Osazuwamen Igbinosun – Ball State

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Dean Smith Center (UNC)

Dean Dome

School: University of North Carolina
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Conference: Atlantic Coast Conference
Opened: January 18, 1986
First Men’s Game: 1/18/86 #1 vs #3 Duke (W, 95-92)
Cost: $33.8 Million
Capacity: 21,750

Notable Games: UNC-Duke Rivalry, 2/8/92 vs Wake Forest (UNC rallied from 22 points down, the largest comeback in school history), 2/3/94, #2 Carolina beat #1 Duke (89-78), The Tar Heels have been in the top five in the national attendance leaders in 23 of the last 24 seasons.

Positives: Puts on a great show before tip off with shutters on the lights and spots. On the concourse, there are many photos of great players and great teams in UNC’s history. A lot of loud fans that create a hostile environment for any opponent.

Negatives: No scoreboard hanging from the center ceiling, only screens on the corners. Seating is very cramped, feels like a Delta flight. Not many ribbon boards or room for press on the floor. Parking isn’t great, it’s a long walk to the arena.

Final Assessment: The Dean Dome reminds me a lot of Rupp Arena at Kentucky (except the blue is a lot lighter). It’s set up as a box with screens on all four corners. The defining feature of the Dean Dome is the dome on the ceiling that allows in natural lighting. The dozens and dozens of banners hanging from the ceilings are pretty impressive. UNC does a great job of showing off it’s rich history in college basketball with the banners on the ceiling, photographs in the concourse and with well-produced videos prior to tip off.

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John Paul Jones Arena (University of Virginia)


School: University of Virginia
Location: Charlottesville, Va
Conference: Atlantic Coast Conference
Opened: August 1, 2006
First Men’s Game: 11/12/06 vs #10 Arizona (W, 93-90)
First Women’s Game: 11/12/06 vs Old Dominion University (W, 92-72)
Cost: $131 Million
Capacity: 14,593

Notable Games: 11/12/06 vs #10 Arizona (W, 93-90), 2/1/07 vs #8 Duke (W, 68-66 OT), 2/28/13 vs #3 Duke (W, 73,68)

Positives: Ribbon boards all throughout the arena. Hanging video board with ribbon boards underneath. Padded seatbacks for all seats except the student sections. Great view from almost every seat. Great acoustics for pep bands and PA announcer. Celebrity appearances (John Grisham has season tickets), Great food options.

Negatives: Off-site parking. Poor traffic pattern. Not enough media room on the sidelines.

Final Assessment: John Paul Jones Arena is one of the most beautifully designed arenas I’ve ever seen. It’s aesthetically pleasing, has a great view of the game and I can’t find any complaints with the concourse. I’ve had the pleasure of going into the coach’s locker room and media hospitality rooms, both of which are first class. The only complaints I have about JPJ is getting into the games.

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The HTC Center (Coastal Carolina)

The HTC Center

School: Coastal Carolina University
Location: Conway, SC
Conference: Big South Conference
Opened: August 2012
First Men’s Game: 11/09/12 vs Akron (W, 74-70 OT)
First Women’s Game: 11/12/12 North Carolina Central (W, 58-39)
Cost: $35 Million
Capacity: 3,600

Notable Games: 12/19/12 vs Clemson (W, 69-46)
Hosted the 2012-13 Men’s and Women’s Big South Conference Tournament

Positives: Great location, just 20 minutes from Myrtle Beach. Not a bad seat in the house. A lot of box seats. Ribbon boards (1 on floor, thin ones high on both sides). Shutters on the lights, logo lasers. Well lit, a lot of light on the court, darker in the crowd. Hanging boxes in the corners.

Negatives: Connected to the student gym, a lot of pedestrian traffic. Enter floor level. Bleachers on either endzone. Small hanging score board, very close to the ceiling. Court is plain, has volleyball lines. Extremely loud horn. No board with players, points and fouls.

Final Assessment: Overall, I believe the HTC Center is an appropriate venue for Coastal Carolina. It is a great size for a Big South Conference school and provides an intimate atmosphere for a basketball or volleyball game. The floor level entry and hanging scoreboard hidden in the rafters are the biggest setback to this venue. I recommend taking in a Big South game at the HTC Center or the Big South Tournament which will be hosted at the venue for the next two years.

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Top 50 Names in DI College Basketball

After hours of sifting through all 338 NCAA Division 1 teams, I dwindled a 5 page, single spaced page of prospective names down to a list of 50 (some) names that deserve some recognition.  Some of the names are (or will be) household names like Nerlens Noel and Shabazz Napier, others, you might not ever hear again, like Hondo Webb.  Enjoy the 2012-2013 college basketball season and look for another list this time next year!

1. Peter Jurkin – Indiana – If you don’t understand this, God Bless you.

2. God’sgift Achiuwa – St. Johns – A bit presumptuous.

3. Indiana Faithfull – Wofford – I honestly think he’s playing for the wrong team

4. McWisdom Badejo – Florida A&M – This will be an item on McDonalds new menu.

5. Prince Williams – ECU – Royalty

6. Nerlens Noel – Kentucky – A great player with a great name

7. Gee McGhee – Chattanooga

8. Maverick Ahanmisi – Minnesota – Sarah Palin is a big fan of him.

9. BaeBae Daniels – North Florida – Who’s your Daddy?

10. Daddy Ugbede – Drake  – He’s my BaeBae’s Daddy.

11. Vander Blue – Marquette

12. Hondo Webb – Lamar

13. Tavares Speaks – Liberty – …and the Big South listens.

14. Phil Beans – Holy Cross – This makes me laugh

15. Junior Lomomba – Cleveland St.

16. Nate Snodgrass – Northern Ken.

17. Xzaivier James – Northern Colorado – Come on, just pick a letter!

18. Delbert Love – Kennesaw St

19. Staats Battle – NC State

20. Sir’Dominic Pointer – St. Johns – More Royalty

21. Devareaux Manley – Kent St. – Anyone with the last name Manley has to make the list.

22. Ilya Ilyayev – Cal St. Northridge – Excuse me, what?

23. Ferg Myrick – New Hampshire

24. Rashad Whack – Mt St. Marys

25. Tradarrius McPhearson – New Orleans – I think he was a character Shakespeare created.

26. Kelly Assinesi – Liberty

27. James Michael McAdoo – UNC – Great player, great name.

28. Scooter Gillette – Niagara – “The best a man can get”

29. Christian Kabongo – Morgan State

30. Deverin Muff – Eastern Kentucky University

31. Hippolyte Tsafack – Memphis

32. Ledrick Eackles – McNeese St

33. Ife Eke – La-Monroe

34. Peter Pappageorge – Long Beach St.

35. Keeslee Stewart – Jackson St.

36. Chris Hansen – Idaho State – “Have a seat…just have a seat.”

37. Brian Williams – OK St. – “For NBC News, I’m….”

38. Steve Forbes – IPFW – “I’m announcing my candidacy for President…”

39. Eddie Murray – Florida Gulf Coast – “Long fly ball off the bat of Murray, homerun #500”

40. Vertrail Vaughns – George Mason – I had trouble with my Vertrail once, wasn’t pretty.

41. Z. Mason – Chattanooga – I want a name that’s just one letter.

42. Vee Sanford – Dayton

43. Shabazz Muhammad – UCLA – I’m a big fan of the name Shabazz.

44. Shabazz Napier – UConn – Ditto

45. Aaron Bodager – North Florida – Napolean Dynamite “Get off of my you “Bodagger”

46. Grey Cooksey – Cal St. Northridge

47. Kaza Keane – Illinois St.

48. Leek Leek – Campbell

49. Bak Bak – Cal

50. Majok Majok – Ball St

51. Andrew Andrews – Washington

52. Shayok Shayok – Bradley

53. Marc Mack – Bethune-Cookman

54. Onochie Ochie – SE Louisiana

55. Ya Ya Anderson  – Radford

56. Deuce Bell – Baylor

57. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – Georgia

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Rushed The Court

Liberty University basketball fans are cute.  They are trying so hard, but they just don’t really know how to be fans.  Probably my favorite moment was Jan 27, 2011, when Liberty played against UNC Asheville in Lynchburg.  I will be the first to admit that it was an exciting game.  It had all the suspense you could get for division 1 college basketball game; coming down to the final seconds of regulation and with Liberty prevailing in overtime.  At the final buzzer, those cute little Liberty fans rushed the court to celebrate with the team.  I stood up in the stands and shook my head like a disappointed father.

The reason for my disappointment was that Liberty was favored to win the game by more then 10 points, it shouldn’t have even been a game.  UNCA had been struggling all year just to get their record back to .500, losing to teams like VMI and South Carolina Upstate (which I thought was a community college).  Liberty has dominated all of the teams in the conference except for one and was favored to win this game by double digits.  That is not an occasion to rush a court.

The proper time to celebrate with the players at half court is when you’ve beaten a team that is supposed to crush you.  If you are a down and out team that always get bullied around by the big boys and then you take one of those big boys down on your home court, by all means, storm the court, dance with the cheerleaders, put players on your shoulders and cut down the nets, that is a reason for celebration.  If you take down #1 Duke and you’ve never been ranked in the history of your program you are free to rush the court.  If a team has beaten you 12 straight times and makes the NCAA tournament on a regular basis, please express your satisfaction on the hardwood.  But, if you’re playing a mediocre group of guys that everyone says you should easily beat, and then you win in overtime…you should be glad for the win but your guys underachieved.

How in the world does this relate to Christian film?  Many of us Christians rush the court for any Christian film out there.  It doesn’t even matter what the film is, if it is labeled Christian, we rush it.  Many times it doesn’t matter who made it, whether a secular Hollywood production company or a small group of 20 somethings from Ohio, we just seem to jump on board like it’s our obligation to support it.  There is no research involved, its just label on the film that draws people in.  “Oh, this says Christian, I can back that.”  Being labeled Christian means absolutely nothing; it is the story behind the film that makes all the difference.  Since 2007, I’ve been studying the stories behind the films and discovering where the ideas came from and what the process was to put that idea on film.  I am going to share the things I’ve learned and put these films in context.  My library consists of about 40 “Christian” films ranging from popular titles like Sherwood’s “Fireproof” to mostly undiscovered low budget, Marcello Thedford’s “Sunday School.”

I would like to create some dialog about Christian films so that the masses will not just jump onboard any film labeled “Christian.”  I will try to give some insight into the process of making the film.  I am also going to share what I’ve learned that makes a Christian film successful and how these films shape up.  My main objective is to see people stop rushing the court for something mediocre.  That doesn’t mean the film is the most visually appealing, or will be up for best actor or best score, but that it sets out to fulfill the Great Commission.

I’m just going to be honest about everything I learn and everything I see on screen.  I’m not out to find enemies, but rather open dialog that will lead to furthering the industry.  Christian film needs help finding its identity.  I want to create more competition for the existing films and filmmakers.  If we can find our identity and then push each other to get better, this ministry will take off just as Christian music has.  God has given us the tools needed, so there are no more excuses.  Let’s get to work and glorify God.

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And so it begins…

Welcome to my new blog.  I have joined the billions of other people who like to post their ideas on the Internet, as if anyone else really cares.  If nothing else, this blog should relieve all of my Facebook friends from having my thoughts show up on their feeds every few minutes.  Well, I’ll probably just collect all of those ideas and write them again in a blog, so you’re still stuck with my comments destroying your news feed.

My main focus of content will be about Christian film.  I spend many hours watching Christian films and I have started a small library.  But, I will not be limiting myself to just film, there are other fields that I am passionate about and might make an appearance in this blog.

I’ve spent a couple of weeks trying to decide what to name this blog.  Last night, it finally hit me, Rushed The Court.  As many of you know, I am a college basketball fan and one of my pet peeves is when teams rush the court.  I have written many a post about it on Facebook.  I think rushing the court also applies to the world of Christian film.  Most likely, I will go into this issue much more in a future post, but I just wanted to give you guys a heads up as to the name.

Last, I am a conversational writer.  Even though I have completed a Masters in Communications, I always refer back to my undergrad, broadcast journalism days of writing.  I don’t enjoy writing so technically that I can’t even understand what I’m writing about.  Just because my writing style might be conversational, I want to keep most of the film topics academic.  When talking about films, I am not trying to “bash” them, but rather critique them.  As a Christian filmmaker myself, I hope to help further the business and create more competition.  Anyone who has seen a Christian film would say that it doesn’t match up to Hollywood standards.  While I don’t believe that Hollywood is setting the bar for Christian filmmakers, I do believe there is ALWAYS room to improve your craft.

Thank you for reading this far into my blog.  The chances are I’m only speaking to one or two people right now, but to you, I appreciate it.  Feel free to contact me with any comments or complaints you might have for me.  Enjoy!

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