John Paul Jones Arena (University of Virginia)


School: University of Virginia
Location: Charlottesville, Va
Conference: Atlantic Coast Conference
Opened: August 1, 2006
First Men’s Game: 11/12/06 vs #10 Arizona (W, 93-90)
First Women’s Game: 11/12/06 vs Old Dominion University (W, 92-72)
Cost: $131 Million
Capacity: 14,593

Notable Games: 11/12/06 vs #10 Arizona (W, 93-90), 2/1/07 vs #8 Duke (W, 68-66 OT), 2/28/13 vs #3 Duke (W, 73,68)

Positives: Ribbon boards all throughout the arena. Hanging video board with ribbon boards underneath. Padded seatbacks for all seats except the student sections. Great view from almost every seat. Great acoustics for pep bands and PA announcer. Celebrity appearances (John Grisham has season tickets), Great food options.

Negatives: Off-site parking. Poor traffic pattern. Not enough media room on the sidelines.

Final Assessment: John Paul Jones Arena is one of the most beautifully designed arenas I’ve ever seen. It’s aesthetically pleasing, has a great view of the game and I can’t find any complaints with the concourse. I’ve had the pleasure of going into the coach’s locker room and media hospitality rooms, both of which are first class. The only complaints I have about JPJ is getting into the games.


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